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AG Standard and AG Superplus

AG Standard and AG Superplus filter

AG Standard and AG Superplus filter housings are designed with all of the features required to make these the most efficient and cost effective filters for your compressed air system. Their three-part aluminium housing design allows for easy disassembly and element change-out.

Low pressure drop is achieved through optimal flow-path design. The tapered bowl and non-turbulent lower filter zone assure that no condensate gets re-entrained in the air stream. AG Superplus housings are equipped with our programmable Economizer™ differential pressure gauge that notifies maintenance personnel of the optimal point at which to change the filter element.

For coalescing pre-filters, AG Superplus housings include the Ultramat® zero-loss drain valve, which assures that no compressed air is lost when liquid condensate is drained. All AG housings and elements are available in silicon-free configurations.

HD High Pressure Filters

HD high pressure filter housings are designed for compressed air and gas applications up to 400 bar. Each housing can accommodate any of our standard range of filter elements for your specific need. Flow capacities from 30 to 720 m³/h nominal at 7 bar g are available. Modifications on request.

SG Standard  Superplus

SG Standard and SG Superplus carbon steel filter housings are designed to DIN 2633 standards with flange connections. In the Standard configuration, these housings include our Econometer differential pressure gauge and external float drain valve for coalescing applications. Superplus versions include our programmable Economizer differential pressure gauge which notifies maintenance personnel of the optimal point at which to change the filter element(s). Superplus models also include our Ultramat® zero-loss condensate drain valve which assures that no compressed air is lost when liquid condensate is drained. All SG housings and elements are available in silicon-free configurations

Ultrac™ Activated carbon Adsorption Elements

The Ultrac™ AK adsorption filter element utilizes a two-stage filtration process for absolute retention of oil vapour and other hydrocarbons. This patented two-stage design allows for a large surface area resulting in low pressure drop, long element life and no carry-over of carbon particles in the process air.


Ultradepth™ FF, MF & SMF Coalescing  Particulate Elements

The unique design of Ultradepth™ FF, MF and SMF filter elements creates a two-stage filtration process within one element. The retention rate of 0.01 µm particles in our SMF element is a remarkable 99.99999%. This is made possible by the use of our patented Ultrair® binder-free borosilicate glass fibre media. This media also allows for very low pressure drop, which means that you get the highest efficiency at the lowest energy cost. Ultrair® elements are available for applications up to 80º C

Ultradri AG-Z and SG-Z Cyclone Separators

Ultradri™ AG-Z (aluminium) and SG-Z (carbon steel) separators are designed to remove liquid condensate from compressed air and gas. Integral swirl vanes allow for efficient liquid removal with low pressure drop. AG-Z & SG-Z housings incorporate an additional baffle plate to prevent carryover of condensate. Standard configurations are equipped with float drains while Superplus versions are equipped with Ultramat® zero-loss drain valves.

Ultrapoly® PE particulate elements

Ultrapoly® PE particulate filter elements are made with aluminium end-caps, double o-ring seals and sintered polyethylene media for effective filtration down to 25 µm. PE elements offer the additional advantage of being fully regenerable

Ultraporex® SB High Temperature Elements

FFor high temperature applications up to 120° C, Ultraporex® SB filter elements are made with sintered bronze media, aluminium end-caps and double o-ring seals. SB elements are available with three retention ratings—5, 25 or 50 µm.


Steam Filter (P)-GSL  N

The (P)-GSL N filter element removes contaminants such  as  particles, abrasion of valve,  seatings and seals as  well as  rust.  An improved steam  quality ensures longer service life of the  filters to be steril- ised  and  therefore increases the  efficiency  of the entire  process. In addition,  the  (P)-GSL N filter ele- ment  is  a  particularly   efficient   filtration  product since  the  filter medium can be regenerated by ultrasonic bath  or  by  back  washing. This  is espe- cially important where there is  a  particularly  high particle load. The pleated stainless steel filter media provides high particle  or dirt-holding capacity  and a high flow rate  at low differential  pressures.


Donaldson also  supplies elements  with  different types of adapters that  fit into the  housings of other manufacturers.