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Our Product
FlexFilter12 1


Modular designed dust collector

Dust collector with 2-stage filtration. Central inlet with velocity reducer. Fully automatic filter cleaning. Can easily be equipped with a great variety of filter materials, bins, emptying systems, etc. Standard equipped with circular bags of polypropylene. PTFE or antistatic filters on request.

A state of the art filter system to meet your current and future needs

The Flexfilter EX is manufactured to withstand overpressure from a potential explosion and is equipped with an explosion relief panel. The harmful effects of an explosion are minimized by venting the overpressure and flame propagation via the relief panel to a safe area. The dust collector is fully earth bonded in all modular components. All electric equipment is EX classified for combustible dust. Options are available for the collected dust from either a standard 70L (18 gal) collection bin complete with bin balance kit to allow the use of conductive plastic sack for ease of removal of the collected dust or fully automatic empty device with fully conductive bulk bag with earth cables for larger installations. A control filter comes as standard to allow the use of non-EX rated vacuum units.

Permitted materials

It is of outmost importance to know the properties of the extracted material. The FlexFilter EX is intended to be a part of an extraction system collecting material with the following properties:

– Dust explosion class: St1 and St2

– Pmax: ≤10 bar

– MIE (Minimum Ignition Energy) > 3 mJ

– MIT (Minimum Ignition Temperature) > 205 °C

Product marking

The FlexFilter EX is ATEX classified according to directive 2014/34/EU and marked:

CE Ex II 3D Ex c T=130 ºC X

  • A state of the art filter system to meet your current and future needs
  • Equipped with an explosion relief panel
  • Standard 70L bin with antistatic plastic bag, or conductive bulk bag fitted to a fully automatic emptying device

NPF Higher Pressure Cartridge Filter

Overview :

The NPF reverse jet tubular cartridge dust collector was developed for continuous operation in industrial process dust collection applications with a working vacuum up to 30,000 Pa. It is available in four convenient sizes

Specifications :

  • Air flow : 2000 to 7500 m3/h

Key features :

  • High efficiency exceeds 99.93% in normal applications
  • Robust weatherproof bolted construction
  • Galvanized body and hopper for long life
  • ATEX compliant for explosive dusts in categories St1, St2 and St3
  • Quick release galvanized steel waste bin
  • Easy servicing from unit front

Applications :

  • Centralised solution for welding stations
  • Metal cutting operations, eg. plasma cutting
  • Serving processes with long or small diameter ducting
  • Multiple work stations served by flexible arms with focused hoods
  • Dust extraction for all dry free flowing powders and granular material