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Self Cleaning Plasma Oxy Cutting Table

ECO Smart Cutting Table

Overview :

The ECO Smart Cutting Table is a unique, patented, plasma/oxy fuel cutting table for most efficient collection of cutting fumes from plasma, high definition plasma, and oxy cutting systems. It features exhaust extraction from the entire width of the table during the operation following the cutting head movement. The easily cleanable slag bucket makes for quick cleaning, removal and minimal downtime cleaning. When paired with a low cost dust collector like our FMC filter, the ECO Smart Cutting Table can save you thousands per year.

Comparison :
Nederman ECO Smart Table
Most effective fume and waste removal system on the market. Highly efficient fume removal with extraction across the FULL width of the table. Exhaust port is never more than 18” from the point of cutting. Suction cart / slag container is synchronized with the movement of the cutting gantry. Slag container is easily removed to the end of the table for fast cleaning.
Compartmental Table
Requires greater dust collector investment than ECO Smart Table. Fume removal is less efficient than ECO Smart Table since it only draws exhaust from the sides of the table, but more efficient than the Basic Table. Most Compartmental Tables do not have slag removal systems.
Basic Table
Least effective fume and waste removal system. Least expensive table option, but requires much greater dust collection investment. Suction ports are only at the end of the table. Full manual cleaning required.

Specifications :
Key features

Trolley shadows the movement of cutting head
Slag container lifts out in “home” position for easy container changing
Custom fit to your Flame, Plasma, or Laser cutting needs
Integrated control systems
Clutch release for jammed trolley
Requires low airflow, reducing purchase and operation costs of your fume collector
Built to fit your cutting gantry
Zipper duct fume removal
Floor scraper
Lift out and run in 10 minutes

Applications :

Flame cutting
Plasma Cutting
Laser Cutting