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Our Product
Auto M shaker

AUTO-M Filter

Overview :

The AUTO-M series is the latest generation of robust simple mechanically cleaned dust collectors suitable for non-continuous duty for industrial, commercial and educational.

Specification :

  • Air flow : 500 to 6,000 CFM

Key features :

  • Neat, compact, unobtrusive, easy to clean exterior.
  • Robust weatherproof welded steel construction.
  • Electric shake cleaning, perfected by 30 years’ experience.
  • No need for compressed air supply.
  • ATEX certified Baseefa for safety.
  • Many options including secondary filters to increase versatility

Applications :

  • Metalwork, grinding, fettling, sanding, polishing.
  • Woodwork, dust extraction from small and medium workshops.
  • Bulk powders, chemicals, sack tipping, weighing, bagging.
  • Educational workshops for ceramics, metal work, crafts, woodwork.