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Our Product
control systems

Customized Controls

The Nederman filtration control centre designs and manufactures electrical control panels and cabinets tailored exactly to the demands of your dust control or waste management system, ensuring ease of operation and flexibility whilst ensuring maximum energy efficiency for the system. These are frequently used in conjunction with precise inverter drives.

NORDFAB QF Clamp Ducting

The versatile range of clamp together ducting provides a comprehensive, long established solution for medium pressure extraction requirements. It is quick to install, modify, extend or even to relocate, with a full range of branch fittings, transitions, dampers and fixing clamps. ATEX certified dampers and other accessories maximize the utility of the ubiquitous Nederman ducting system

Filter Controls

Automatic controllers for the complete range of Nederman filter units have been designed to match the technical requirements of the products and also to give the operator appropriate functionality. Enhanced controllers are available for incorporation into more sophisticated systems, with many functional options.